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Lina Hamadeh- Mowgli Entrepreneur

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lina Hamadeh- Mowgli Entrepreneur

Mowgli Lebanon Case Study

Lina Hamadeh- Mowgli Entrepreneur


Lina is a graduate in Arabic Literature and Education, speaks English, French and Arabic, and is skilled in dealing with children with extensive experience in child educational psychology. After a career in teaching, Lina launched her business, Busy Box, with her business partner Maha Ayass, in December 2008. Busy Box is a small but growing company, employing one full-time member of staff as well as the two partners, and has taken on several art students who work part- time. The company runs activity sessions aimed at developing artistic awareness and creativity.


Things haven't always been easy for Lina, and becoming an entrepreneur has created its fair share of challenges. She reflects on the difficulties she faces as a female entrepreneur in Lebanon. "I think it's a little different for women here. You are not always seen as equal. But you learn from your mistakes. Some things I do in spite of the difficulties- but some things I have learnt it is best not to do." Current events in Lebanon have also created challenges. "It hasn't been easy.


The political and economic situation in the country is often changing, but we are doing well given the climate."


"My mentor is always pushing us, urging us not to give up on ideas." Lina met her mentor, Imad Moghrabi, at the Mowgli matching event in October 2011, and she has very fond memories. "The event was extremely interesting," she says. "It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with lots of different people from different backgrounds and I was able to learn a lot from them. Working takes up a lot of my time and the event helped to teach me the importance of planning." She got on well with Imad from the start. "Every time I need Imad, he's around," she says. "He always comes up with new ideas." One of his ideas- a school art competition- created so much of a buzz around Busy Box that it's Facebook page grew from 750 followers to almost 7,000 in just a couple of weeks.


Imad has also helped Lina to become more confident in planning ahead, decision making and restructuring the business. "He is always pushing us, urging us not to give up on ideas and has supported us as we launch a number of new marketing initiatives." Lina and Maha have ambitious plans for acquiring a wider range of customers and are hoping to expand into regional markets in the near future.


Key Impacts:

  • §  Expanded staff numbers
  • §  New marketing ideas
  • §  Planning/strategy
  • §  Motivation

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