Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wrap it Up...

Find out how you can experiment with fun materials and techniques to create your own works of art.

  1. Come on in :

    Pay a paint fee and step into the magical world of Busy Box! Don't forget, children under six must be accompanied.

  2. Get Inspired :

    Look for creativity in the people and spaces around you. Explore our arts & crafts library and our own Busy Box creations.

  3. Take Your Pick :

    Choose from our wide selection of seperately priced items,wood and porcelain items, ceramics, glass, pottery, canvas scrapbooks and more.

  4. Get Busy :

    We believe we are all artists at heart, so bring your own style and story to your piece. Our Art Attendants are here to help you on your journey.

  5. Wrap Up :

    Done? We’ll fire it or keep it to dry. All you have left to do is take your creation home and share it with your friends and family!